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Events & News

Neuropsychology Masters Students and Professors the Benemerita Universidad de Puebla, M�xico

Dr. Marcela Bonafina will be teaching 40 hours for Neuropsychology Masters Students and Professors the Benemérita Universidad de Puebla, México from July 9 until July 13, 2012.

The topics are the following:

Day 1: General Issues in Neuropsychology
a-Ethical Challenges in Neuropsychology;
b- Basic Issues in Neuropsychological Testing of Adults;
c- The Importance of the Differential Diagnosis in Adult Neuropsychology.

Day 2: Traumatic Brain Injury
a- Diagnosis;
b- Psychiatric Semiology: The importance of the Mental Status Exam;
c- Rehabilitation and Reinsertion in Society.

Day 3: Novel Topics in Neuropsychology
a- Neuropsychology of Chronic Pain;
b- Neuropsychology of Time Perception;
c- Neuropsychology and Neurobiology of Suicide.

Día 4: Forensic Neuropsychology and Assessment of Malingering.

Día 5: More Issues, Summary and Conclusions
a- Frequent Psychiatric Comorbidities in Neuropsychology;
b- Neuropsychology of PTSD;
c- Case Presentations and Conclusions