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Events & News

65th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society

65th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society

When: December 2-6

Where: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The American Epilepsy Society's Annual Meeting is the premiere meeting for epilepsy and other seizure disorders. The Annual Meeting is an international forum for the exchange of current findings in epilepsy research. Information is communicated and disseminated through symposia, lectures, scientific exhibitions, poster and platform presentations.

The Annual Meeting attracts attendees from all over the world and provides educational and networking opportunities for the academic and practicing neurologist, epileptologist, neurophysiologist, neuroscientist, neurosurgeon, internist, pediatrician, pharmacist, nurse, social worker and other professionals.

Epileptologists, neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists from the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group will be presenting the following professional posters at the annual meeting:

2.268 -Oral and intravenous use of Lacosamide for pediatric epilepsy
E. Fertig, G. Ghacibeh, M. Lancman, O. Laban-Grant, S. Thompson, F. Gliksman, M. Fleming, D. McBrian 2011

1.085 -Utility of an outpatient memory treatment program for patients with epilepsy
K. I. Lebeau, R. Trobliger, C. Mihaila, T. Copans, G. Ghacibeh, J. Politsky, S. Mesad, M. Lancman 2011

1.136 - The Prevalence of Seizure Activity in brain tumor patients
J. M. Politsky, I. Ugorec, E. Feoli 2011

3.301 Hispanic immigrants with epilepsy have a higher rate of depression compared to US born epilepsy patients
M. E. Lancman, L. Myers, O. Laban, P. Bailey, E. Feoli, E. Fertig 2011

2.029 - Socialization patterns in epilepsy
P. Bailey, O. Laban, M. Lancman, L. Myers, M. E. Lancman 2011

2.023 - Depression and anxiety in children with epilepsy: Differences in observed and reported levels among parents and children
R. Trobliger, L. Myers, M. Lancman 2011

1.072 - Sexually abused patients with psychological non-epileptic seizures (PNES) exhibit better visual memory scores compared to PNES patients who have suffered other forms of abuse 2011
L Myers, ME Lancman