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Events & News

Compumedics Neuroscan Clinical Curry Workshop with Dr. John Ebersole

When: May 15-17
Where: Overlook Medical Center

This is a hands-on workshop for physicians and technologists to learn how to use the software, "Curry", to localize epileptic foci non-invasively by source modeling a patient's EEG and/or MEG.  Curry is the software that is in use in the MEG Center at Overlook Hospital.

Course Tuition: $1,100

If You Have Purchased CURRY in the Last 12 Month, Course Tuition is $550.

For Non-CURRY Customers: Request a Formal CURRY Quote, and receive the reduced CURRY Course Tuition of $550. 

Spaces Are Limited 

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The Overlook Medical Center is a short distance from Newark International Airport. A number of accommodation options are conveniently located near the Overlook Medical Center: options for accommodation are posted at this link: