Events & News

Events & News

All year long, the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group promotes epilepsy education for patients, their caregivers, medical treatment staff, and the general public. Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group participates in several epilepsy walks and many different fundraising activities that directly benefit the national or local epilepsy foundations and advocacy societies. Check out our upcoming schedule and you may find an activity that interests you.

Bike-a-Thon to raise awareness on epilepsy and seizure

Bike-a-Thon to raise awareness on epilepsy and seizure

May 1, 2016

Time: 8:15AM

Team EPILEPSY FREE rides on the 5-borough Bike-a-Thon to raise awareness on epilepsy and seizure disorders and funds for EPILEPSY FREE.  Stay tuned for pictures after the event. 

How can you support our team?

Send us a donation (check made out to: Epilepsy Free)

820 Second Avenue, Suite 6C, New York, NY 10017

or donate directly at:


Events that were highlighted in the past

12th National Epilepsy Walk in Washington, DC
International Epilepsy Day
71st Annual American Epilepsy Society
Annual Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Symposium
Glow Walk and Run
Braddock Park, North Bergen
Webinar: Supporting students with seizures in school
Brain Health Initiative 2017
Webinar: Treating PNES and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using prolonged exposure therapy
5-Borough Bike Tour
Epilepsy Town Hall: Treatment Options for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy
Webinar session on Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures - Dr. Lorna Myers
International Epilepsy Day
5-Borough Bike Tour
American Epilepsy Society (AES) Annual Meeting
Annual Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Conference
2016 DSF (Dravet Syndrome Foundation) Family & Professional Conference
Glow Walk and Run for epilepsy and seizures
10th National Epilepsy Walk - Washington, DC
American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA