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Being diagnosed with epilepsy can feel unreal and confusing. The number of questions that need answers quickly are many. Newly diagnosed patients with epilepsy may feel overwhelmed and isolated in the early stages of learning to adjust to all the changes. Patients who have carried the diagnosis of epilepsy for some time may need specific assistance in effectively managing. This is where NEREG's neuropsychologists and psychologists comes in.

At NEREG, our experience has taught us that helping our patients to the fullest often requires more than effective medical treatment. Patients with epilepsy have needs that extend beyond physical concerns. Having access to a community that is understanding and supportive and to dedicated epilepsy advocates is necessary to achieve a finer quality of life.

Through NEREG' s Wellness program, patients connect with others through social activities (e.g. epilepsy walks, runs, and rides), volunteering, education on epilepsy, and patient-centered resources. NEREG's neuropsychology team provides guidance on how to manage epilepsy in the school and at work.  Epilepsy Free not-for-profit awards summer camp and college scholarships to children living with epilepsy and adults living with seizure disorders (including psychogenic seizures-PNES). 

For more information about some of NEREG's wellness initiatives, contact Dr. Lorna Myers, Ph.D. at