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Diets for Epilepsy

A very common question doctors are asked is whether there are foods that are good or bad for seizures. Although not many foods that fall in this category one additive that may be good to avoid in high amounts is caffeine. Since caffeine is a stimulant, it could lower the seizure threshold.  It could also disrupt sleep, leading to insomnia, sleep deprivation and an increased risk for seizures. In patients with Celiac disease, gluten should be avoided. Other foods that have been suggested to trigger seizures (but not proven) include: wheat, soy, sugar dairy and some chemicals like MSG or aspartame.  All of these products have a high amount of glutamine. Glutamine is an excitatory small particle that could cause seizures.

Are there any foods that provide “protection” from seizures? The simple answer to this question is that it is not known. However, there are special diets including:

• The ketogenic diet
• The modified Atkins diet
• The low glycemic index diet

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List of commonly eaten foods 
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