Events & News

Events & News

All year long, the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group promotes epilepsy education for patients, their caregivers, medical treatment staff, and the general public. Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group participates in several epilepsy walks and many different fundraising activities that directly benefit the national or local epilepsy foundations and advocacy societies. Check out our upcoming schedule and you may find an activity that interests you.

American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

As they do every year, our doctors will attend the American Epilepsy Society presenting results from their research in poster format, participate in committees, work groups, and special interest groups on epilepsy and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.  This year, the meeting is being held in Philadelphia, PA.  

Posters sessions:

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
A Health Economic Study of Genetic Testing in Refractory Epilepsy Patients with Non-Specific MRI Findings 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Using next generation genetic sequencing in children with treatment resistant epilepsy 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst. 2314568)
The utility of prolonged exposure therapy (PET) in the treatment of patients who are dually diagnosed with PNES and PTSD 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst. 2326698)
Naming Assessment of Spanish-speakers with Epilepsy: Preliminary Findings 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst.2327335)
Incidence and predictors of late onset seizures and epilepsy after subarachnoid hemorrhage 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Cognitive Differences between Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizure Patients with and without Alexithymia.  

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Relative Yield of MEG and EEG spikes in simultaneous recordings 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Epilepsy and Reproductive Issues in Women of Hispanic Origin Living in United States 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst.2328092)
The impact of Lacosamide on cognition, mood and quality of life 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Seizure and Epilepsy in Stroke Survivors 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Hispanics Born and Raised in the U.S. Show Poor Confrontation Naming: Implications for Interpreting Lateralization 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst. 2328179)
ADHD and Involvement in Sports and Activities among Children with Epilepsy 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster 
Ictal and nonictal patterns in subarachnoid hemorrhage: is it a seizure or is it a vasospasm

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