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Neuralis: DIAZ.001.05

Study Title: A 12 Month, Open-Label, Repeat-Dose Safety Study of NRL-1 In Epilepsy Subjects.

PI: Eric Segal, MD


* Male and Female subjects between the ages of 6 and 65 years, inclusive

* Subject has a clinical diagnosis of Epilepsy and while on a stable dose of anti-epileptic medications, still experiences bouts of seizures and who, in the opinion of Investigator may need benzodiazepine intervention for seizure control at least 1 time a month on average.

* Subjects having either partial or generalized Epilepsy with motor seizures or seizures with clear alteration of awareness are eligible for Enrollment

* Subject has a qualified caregiver or medical professional available that can administer study medication in the event of a seizure.


* A history of allergic or adverse responses to diazepam or any comparable or similar product.

* Subject has had significant traumatic injury, major surgery or open biopsy within 30 days of enrollment

* Subject with active major depression or a past suicidal attempt or having active suicidal thoughts 

Enrollment is open for Pediatric age group only.