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"Cognitive and behavioral effects of perampanel (Fycompa)  As adjunctive therapy in patients with partial epilepsy."

PI: Marcelo Lancman, MD

Sponsor: NEREG

Collaborator: Eisai, Inc

Study Duration: 24 weeks

Number of visits: 5

Eligibility Criteria:

* Age 18-70

* Native English speaker or balanced bilingual

* Diagnosis of refractory partial onset epilepsy

* Seizure frequency of 1 or more  seizure per month on average during 6 months prior to visit 1

* Able and willing to provide written informed consent form

Key Exclusion Criteria:

* History of drug/alcohol abuse

* Prior history of traumatic brain injury

* Severe renal disease

* IQ less than 70

* Diagnosis of PNES

* Suicidal plan or intent in the last 6 months